Yum, Yum! First Ikaruga Dreamcast screens spew forth

And about time too!

Posted by Staff
Treasure of Japan, the development house rapidly achieving cult-status, has released the first screenshots from the Dreamcast version of its long-awaited up-scrolling 2D shooter Ikaruga.

The long-running battle waged by hardcore gamers to see the DC version of the game seems to have been well and truly won. This follows petitions, email assaults and phone calls to the firm from the leagues of players obsessed with the 2D output from the little-known development studio.

The game?s release was cast into doubt recently when Treasure?s president insisted that the game was not in development for Dreamcast. This news was compounded by the announcement that the firm had been charged with assisting Nintendo in the production of the Wario game for GameCube, as well as the Tiny Toons game, due to be released in Europe later this year by Swing! Entertainment.

As yet, no European publisher has come forth with an offer for the rights to Ikaruga. We?ll keep you updated on this situation.


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