Exclusive: Hands on with new Treasure game

From Radiant SilverGun to Tiny Toons.

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We were lucky enough to have an exclusive hands-on session with the latest build of Treasureís latest game Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Looniverse, over at Swing! Entertainment, the European publisher of the PS2 title.

Japan-based Treasure accidentally found itself emerging as a cult phenomenon, mainly due to the fact that some of its earlier games, especially those rendered in 2D and created for the Sega Saturn, have been commanding ridiculous prices at auction. A whole community of 2D-obsessed gamers say nightly prayers, beseeching the firm to release its last 2D shooter, Ikaruga, for Dreamcast.

This level of obsession is what sparked our interest in the firmís latest, unlikely game.

Tiny Toons is a 3D co-operative multiplayer-centric action/puzzle game for up to four players for PlayStation 2. Set in the Tiny Toons universe, it features all the Tiny Toons characters, all with real voice-overs. But what about the game?

The gameplay mechanic is strange though pleasant. It works along the lines of a standard 3D platformer, but with one significant difference. One of the buttons will cast a large colourful arrow from your character. Pressing it again will transport you wherever the arrow points. This adds heightened mobility to the gameplay and makes a great deal of difference to how the game is played.

You make your way with up to three other players through a bunch of multi-way scrolling levels, using various sports balls to attack your enemies. Sound strange? It is.

The control method of Tiny Toons is conducive to a heightened, frenetic pace of gameplay that isnít delivered. You control a highly mobile character, capable of rapid movement and attacks. The problem with the build we played was that the levels did not have enough action in them to match the abilities of the characters. We are assured however, that the game will be speeded up and the amount of level action increased, making this game one to look out for. The issue of the license has also been side-stepped quite nicely in Tiny Toons: Defenders of the Looniverse.

The game also comes equipped with a solid battle mode too!

More on Tiny Toons and all things Treasure as we get it.


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