Boss Game closes studio

Xbox racer never to see light of day.

Posted by Staff
Boss Game closes studio
Driving game development specialists Boss Game, famed for its Nintendo 64 racers Top Gear/Boss Rally, Twisted Edge and World Driver Championship, has announced that it has been forced to shut down.

Boss Game had been hard at work creating a new Xbox racer that had been well received at the various press screenings the firm had undertaken. It will now never see the light of day.

Talking of the Xbox racer, company CEO Colin Gordon said, "In our view, it would have been the best Xbox racer to date. It was running at 60 frames per second. It had 25,000 polygon cars along with full scene reflections, skinned drivers and more. We had flag wavers and birds on screen. We had leaves on the tracks that would blow up as cars drove by - more leaves on the track than there were polygons in a World Driver track."

The firm simply could not find a publisher for its new creation. Interestingly, Boss Game said that it had ported the Xbox racer code across to GameCube within a matter of weeks, though didn?t want to follow the Nintendo path.


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