New Virtua Fighter game revealed for arcade

Yu Suzuki 4th instalment evolves

Posted by Staff
Sega of Japan yesterday unveiled an update to the Yu Suzuki Naomi 2 arcade beat-em-up Virtua Fighter 4, called Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution.

The game sees the debut appearance of two new characters, kickboxer Brad Burns and judo master Gou Himori. The new version will also have revised gameplay balance for all existing characters.

The most interesting aspect of the new game is the never-before seen single-player quest mode included by AM2. Although the exact layout of this has not been clarified, Sega has confirmed that collectable items will be available, a favourite of the VF community.

Expect to see Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution in the arcades this summer with a PlayStation 2 version arriving early next year.


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