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Ikaruga for Dreamcast mastered and ready to ship

Posted by Staff
After months of deliberation, we can confirm that Treasure has mastered a limited number of the Naomi shooter Ikaruga for Dreamcast.

The move comes after global demand for the game reached unprecedented levels.

Treasure, a company set up by despondent Konami staff intent in making ?traditional games? has received critical, if underground acclaim, for its constant stretching of the boundaries of the 2D shooter. Titles such as Radiant SilverGun and Bangai-O have become cult classics fetching startling prices at auction.

We can reveal that only a few copies of Ikaruga will be released and will be for Japanese Dreamcast only. It is expected that no more than 20 copies will hit the UK carrying an expected retail price of 59.99, a price likely to double almost instantly in the second hand market.

Ikaruga charges with you with the command of a single ship that can change its colour between black and white. When the ship is black, you can be killed by all black bullets and enemies, and can collect all white enemies as power-ups. This situation is reversed when the ship is white. You can then flick between the two modes to help you progress through each level.

We will of course, be getting a copy and will fill you in on all the details.


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