Exclusive Robocop PlayStation 2 screens

Remember Directive Four.

Posted by Staff
We have received the first screens from Virgin Interactive of the PlayStation 2 FPS RoboCop, due out later this year.

From what we can tell, this is looking like becoming a dream game, following so many lacklustre Robocop outings in the past.

The game will be heavily mission-based and will set the player behind the mask of Officer Murphy, complete with cyborg enhancements. Just keep your eyes peeled for ED209!

The 15 levels are based upon locations from the movie, something we are really excited about. There will also be the possibility of picking up weapons upgrades. Now what was that massive car-destroying rifle called again?

If he escapes the toxic waste, Robocop will be waddling his stuff at this year?s E3

Expect a hands-on report next week!


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