EA Cans Mythic Entertainment

Warhammer Online developer closed as Bioware marches on

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EA Cans Mythic Entertainment
Mythic (aka Bioware Mythic), opened in 1995 is dead. Killed by Electronic Arts. Now, given that Mythic was also responsible for the excerable remake for mobile of the classic Dunegon Keeeper recently, you might not be quite so sad.

EA has issued a statement which, suprisingly, doesn't simply read: "Failure is not an option at EA. Mythic failed and we have now been forced to feed all staff members to the sharks". Nope, it reads like this:

"We are closing the EA Mythic location in Fairfax, Virginia, as we concentrate mobile development in our other studio locations. We are working with all impacted employees to provide assistance in finding new opportunities, either within EA or with other companies via an upcoming job fair."

Source: Kotaku


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