Metro Last Light Dev Relocates HQ from Ukraine

From Kiev to Malta for the 4-A Games leaders

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Metro Last Light Dev Relocates HQ from Ukraine
4-A Games, the Kiev, Ukraine-based team behind Metro Last Light and Metro 2033 has announced that it is moving its HQ from its troubled homeland to UK sheltered Malta.

The announcement was made calmly and with no hint that the current political turmoil in the Ukraine between those regions wishing to remain governed from Kiev vie with those who wish to be controlled form Moscow, as follows:

"Celebrated Ukrainian studio 4A Games (creators of the multi-million selling Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light) are planning to expand their AAA development capabilities by opening a new studio in Malta, making this their new headquarters. The existing studio will continue to operate in Kiev, Ukraine.

"'By basing our new headquarters in Malta, a member state of the EU, 4A Games will be able to better compete on the international stage', said Dean Sharpe, who now joins the board of 4A Games as CEO and Head of Business Development.

"'Malta offers fantastic incentives for game development, and we are confident 4A Games will be able to attract the very best talent from Ukraine, Malta and beyond.'

"Key members of the Kiev office, including Creative Director and Co-Founder Andrew Prokhorov, and Chief Technical Officer Oles Shishkovstov, will relocate to Malta, and 4A Games will continue to recruit the very best talent in both Malta and Ukraine as their operations expand.

"'This marks the start of a new chapter for 4A Games," said Andrew Prokhorov. "We are proud of our achievements as a young studio, and humbled by the response to our output so far. The team is looking forward to this new adventure.'"

Source: 4-A Games


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