Sick Daily Mail Blames Games for Teacher Death

"Schoolboy was a member of various online gaming communities" says vile newspaper

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Sick Daily Mail Blames Games for Teacher Death
The Daily Mail Online has decided to intrude on the grief of several families and hundreds of current and former pupils by blaming videogames and depression for the fatal stabbing of Leeds school teacher Anne Maguire yesterday.

We're not linking to the story run by the Mail (see the screenshot). But, without any police report and merely a trawl of the Facebook pages of the 15 year old boy accused of stabbing to death the much-loved teacher, the Daily Mail has made its diagnosis.

Yes, a teenaged boy who had experimented with drugs, felt like a loner and was clever but depressed played heavy metal music and liked video games. Millions of teenagers the world over are like this. These are not symptoms of being a murderer. These are the everyday lifestyles of young people.

Fortunately, The Yorkshire Post decided to run a story entitled: "Candles flicker in memory of wonderful teacher" that quoted this:

"Hundreds of students, both past and present, gathered outside the school gates of Corpus Christi Catholic College throughout yesterday.

"Tearful pupils laid dozens of bouquets of flowers by the gates, adorned with touching tributes to a woman described as Ďan incredible teacherí."

We'd recommend that you read that story.


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