Treasure denies Ikaruga home version

Fans break down into floods of 2D tears.

Posted by Staff
Treasure of Japan has commented to Dengeki that it may not be releasing a home version of its wildy-anticipated 2D shooter Ikaruga, the unofficial follow-up to Bangai-O, from the team that created Radiant SilverGun.

The game is already available for Sega?s Naomi arcade system and a Dreamcast version was widely predicted. This now appears not to be the case, at least at the moment.

Though some American retailers have already started accepting pre-orders for the game, Treasure has gone on record to say that at this stage, there are no concrete plans to bring the game to any home platform. For the record, a PlayStation 2 version was also thought to be in the works.

We spoke to a long-term hardcore Treasure fan, Rupert Moss, a player that has followed the progression of Treasure?s duality-obsessed 2D gaming with obsessive persistence. ?Ikaruga is my most anticipated game at this point in time, as it is with all fans of the 2D shoot-em-up genre. If it turns out that Treasure is not going to create a home version of Ikaruga, I will be bitterly disappointed. This also shows a lack of care for the fan and a glaring inconsistency in Treasure?s release policy. I sincerely hope that Treasure sees sense and releases a home version.?

More as it breaks.


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