New Treasure Shooter Confirmed for Dreamcast!

The Dreamcast lives on?and then some.

Posted by Staff
It would appear that Ikaruga, the seriously acclaimed Naomi shooter from Treasure, is about to get a Dreamcast release, to the joy of the console?s insanely loyal fanbase.

Treasure is the developer behind Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes, Silhouette Mirage, Sin and Punishment, Radiant Silver Gun and Bangai-O, undoubtedly some of the greatest shooters of all time, consistently knocking efforts from Konami, Capcom, Sega and everyone else into the proverbial cocked hat.

Ikaruga continues the theme of duality that has obsessed Treasure since the early days of Bangai-O. In a revolutionary move, Ikaruga gives the player a single ship that changes its colour between black and white. When the ship is black, you can be killed by all black bullets and enemies, and can collect all white enemies as power-ups. This situation is reversed when the ship is white. You can then flick between the two modes to help you progress through each level.

Piloting a ship whose translation from Japanese reads as ?The Flying Iron Lump?, you make your way through Treasure?s latest instalment of frenetic 2D shooter perfection, complete with huge bosses, to stop a force known as The Horai from taking over the world, or something.

Though the game is confirmed for Dreamcast, a European date and publisher is yet to be decided.

A PlayStation 2 release is also rumoured, though cannot be confirmed at this point. Stay tuned for more.


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