BioShock: Infinite DLC - WTF So Short

Ken Levine going for quality over quantity for Burial at Sea opens questions about video games generally

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BioShock: Infinite DLC - WTF So Short
Irrational's top man - and the brain behind BioShock: Infinite and its Burial at Sea DLC, Ken Levine, has been forced to justify the length, or lack of it, of that DLC.

Basically Ken thinks that the paid for DLC that can be completed in two hours or so is about quality of product over bulk of material. And this raises quite a few questions regarding what gamers demand for their coins. Ken says:

"Maybe I'm an idiot. From a money perspective I have no way of knowing that. But to be honest I don't really care that much because I work at a company that values quality and puts a huge premium on quality. I believe that if you build quality people will come. People told us when we made BioShock 1 that it had no multiplayer so nobody would buy it because there was no replayability. I think people respond to quality. Maybe I'm a fool," said Levine to Eurogamer.

So, what you do look for? Good quality DLC or just lots of it? Tell us in Comments or over on Facebook.


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