Why are AAA Video Game Sales Crashing?

AAA titles are terrible - is it the games or is it Next-Gen console releases

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Why are AAA Video Game Sales Crashing?
Aside from GTAVit has not been a good end of year for AAA blockbuster video games. Series such as Ubisoft's Assassin?s Creed, EA's Battlefield and Activision Blizzard's Call of Duty with sales falling dramatically year-on-year.

The questions are: is this down to people saving up to buy the Xbox One and PS4 - both due out this month? Is this down to the games being dull, predictable, even cynical in their cyclical re-hashing of tried and tested money milking techniques and gamers being more savvy than that? Or are there more complex reasons.

Chris Dring over at MCV has laid out the facts that we do know, "Last week Assassin?s Creed IV: Black Flag sold 60 per cent fewer units than last year?s title, while Battlefield 4 sales are 69 per cent down over Battlefield 3.

It follows a drop in launch week sales of FIFA 14, which was down 24 per cent year-on-year.

According to the ever reliable Dring, publishers have told him that "these declines are primarily due to the launch of PS4 and Xbox One, with customers holding off buying games as they await the new machines."

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Jon 7 Nov 2013 13:00
Personally I am waiting for AC4 & BF4 on the new consoles. COD: Ghosts is the first COD I wont be buying. Make of that what you will...
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