WIN - Amazing Rocksmith Prize and Peter Molydeux Treats!

Joypod, SPOnG and Peter Molydeux team up to give you your chance at fun and fame!

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Here’s your chance to write a tweet for the infamous Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account Peter Molydeux and win the following fantastic prizes!

- Rocksmith 2014 on PS3
- Rocksmith 2014 Tshirt
- Godus T-shirt signed by Peter Molyneux and Peter Molydeux
- Have your tweet published by @PeterMolydeux

Adam Capone, Joypod contributor and the man behind the much loved comedy account is offering Joypod listeners and SPOnG readers the chance to bag some Rocksmith 2014 goodies along with contributing to the twitter feed followed by nearly 72,000 people.

Listen to the last few minutes of the latest Joypod Podcast for details.

The competition will run for two weeks and the winner will be picked by Adam Capone himself!


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