Pokemon X and Y Should have beaten GTA V in the UK Charts

Separate listings kept them down the charts

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Pokemon X and Y Should have beaten GTA V in the UK Charts
Nintendo's habit of releasing two versions of what's basically the same Pokemon game has kept it from snapping up the top spot in the UK Videogames charts.

Pokemon Y and Pokemon X sat at numbers 3 and 4 respectively in the charts this week, while Grand Theft Auto V was number 1, having muscled FIFA 14 to Number 2.

According to MCV, however, the pair's combined sales would have put them at number 1 had Chart-Track counted them as one title. You can make a strong case for doing that - they're basically the same game, and certainly have more in common than, say, a PS3 and a 3DS version of a film tie-in.

Still, money in the bank is money in the bank. The game is Nintendo's best-selling 3DS title this year. We're sure the company's not too worried.


DrkStr 15 Oct 2013 12:45
It's Nintendo's own fault for trying to get people to buy two versions of the same game each time. They get the money, but not the chart position.

In fact, I bet there were enough people buying both copies that you couldn't just combine the sales to get number one.
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