Fill the Breaking Bad Hole with a Video Game

The ancient joys of text adventures brought to the best TV show ever made

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Fill the Breaking Bad Hole with a Video Game
There has been a mourning sound coming from the mouths of the people who have loved Breaking Bad's meth-filled thrills and spills since it ended. But it could be time to wipe those tears away.

We say, 'could' because the tremendous idea from Vulture to make a text adventure based on the cult hit TV show doesn't exist yet. But it bloody well should. It will bring a smile to both TV fans of now, and gamer fans of old. It's called...

Zorking Bad! Yes, Vulture is suggesting (and has mocked up - as you can see from the pic illustrating this story) a text-only, totally immersive view of the game. Get over there and tell them to make it!



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