Nintendo: Zelda Will Sell Wii U

Treating Wind Waker HD as a new AAA release

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Nintendo: Zelda Will Sell Wii U
Nintendo is treating The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD as a "triple-A new release" and believes it will sell the system to fans.

Speaking to MCV Roger Langford, product manager for Nintendo, said, ?It is the perfect time for Zelda fans to discover Wii U. For many Zelda fans, this is the first time that they?ll discover Wind Waker and we?re treating the game as a triple-A new release.?

There are undoubtedly Zelda fans who will be getting into Wind Waker for the first time with the Wii U release. There are others who will see it as a shiny remake and they might feel that Nintendo is pushing it a bit, treating the game as a "new release".

Langford added that, "Ocarina of Time 3D performed positively on Nintendo 3DS and we?re looking to replicate this success with The Wind Waker HD."


matthew verso 26 Sep 2013 20:41
But, most Zelda fans have already played Wind Waker. I definitely won't be buying a Wii U just to play it anyway, even if it is in HD with a few new bits.
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