New Unreal Tournament game gets Title and Release Date!

Infogrames US has announced details concerning the wildly-anticipated, massively multiplayer FPS follow-up to Unreal Tournament.

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New Unreal Tournament game gets Title and Release Date!
The game, now officially called Unreal Tournament 2003, will be initially released for PC, with other versions to follow.

Developed by Epic, the game will make use of the new Unreal engine, capable of all kinds of swanky particle and lighting effects. There will be an initial release of 30 levels, rendered using around 100 times more polygons than the first Unreal Tournament. Also included will be a level-editor designed so that the UT community at large will have greater access to creating new maps, without having to use the source code. Online modes will support 32 players at a time.

Also mentioned is Unreal 2, developed by Legend Studio, a company owned by Infogrames. U2 will be set across ten huge new alien worlds, also rendered using Epicís new engine.

Look out for both of these games making a big impression at E3.


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