Gearbox Working on Two New Next-Gen IPs

To be released on PS4 and Xbox One

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Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2
Gearbox has said that it is working on two new IPs for "next-gen consoles" at a PAX Prime panel, according to Eurogamer.

The developer kept schtum about what they may be, though one of them could be its retooling of what was Brothers in Arms: Furious 4.

Buyers of Gearbox's Community Day 2013 pass will get early beta access to one of the IPs.

It will apparently be a while before these are revealed, however, as the Texas studio is still working on Borderlands 2 DLC. The Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge will be released tomorrow, in fact.

Source: Eurogamer


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Himu 28 Sep 2013 20:00
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