Football Manager 2014 Incoming

As England take on Scotland, all happy hell breaks loose in the hearts of true gamers

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Football Manager 2014 is announced on the same day that England play Scotland at the rubbishy new Wembley Stadium, coincidence? Yes.

The news does, however, enable us to talk about the long and bloody history of footballing conflict, often resulting in drunken rages, friends and even marriages falling to bits going back so many years that actual facts get lost in a haze of legend and footy myth. And we could mention the England vs Scotland games too. Anyway, there are as you'd expect many additions to the new incarnation of Football Manager.

Changes include:

An improved 3D Match Engine
A tactical overhaul
More realistic transfers and contracts
More sophisticated board interaction
More complex interaction between staff, players and rival managers
A revamped news system
An enhanced user interface
Evolution for Classic mode
Additional community features
Extensive tech improvements

The game will be out 'before Xmas'...

Source: Sports Interactive


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