As Promised! Wolfenstein 3D GBA First Screens

An early look at the famous first-person shooter.

Posted by Staff
Hmm? Retro gaming has its ups and downs. Trust us, we learned this the hard way. After the incredible-looking Doom for GBA and the groundbreaking Ecks Vs Sever, we are presented with a remake of id?s classic Wolfenstein 3D.

Though we are sure the excellent gameplay of the original will remain intact, this is surely a step backwards in terms of a GBA first-person shooter. The machine is capable of far better looking pseudo 3D environments than those presented by Bam! Entertainment.

Anyway, here?s what a couple of big cheeses had to say about it. "Wolfenstein 3D brought players into the action and for the first time ever, put them toe-to-toe with their enemies," Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software said. "Now everyone can take this unforgettable battle through Castle Wolfenstein with them wherever they go."

?Wolfenstein 3D is truly one of the classics and is widely recognised as the game that created the first-person shooter genre,? said Alain Tascan, Vice President of Worldwide Development for BAM! Entertainment. ?We are excited to bring this timeless and highly celebrated game to the handheld market.?

Yes, it is a classic, and a great game, but surely a graphical tweaking session wouldn?t have gone amiss.


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