Tax Loving Amazon UK Starts PC Game Downloads

Digital delivery of PC and Mac titles starts in the UK

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Tax Loving Amazon UK Starts PC Game Downloads
An Amazon digital download service for Mac and PC video games that has been live since 2009 in the USA has hit our fair shores in public Beta via the entirely legal tax optimising company's UK (but based in Eire for tax purposes) subsidiary.

The service will have some 600 games as well as codes for Steam, uPlay and EA's Origin service. Xavier Garambois, Vice-President, European Consumer Business at Amazon EU commented that, "Not only is this exciting for everyday purchases but for major upcoming releases, Amazon customers will be able to get their hands on products without waiting for them to arrive in the post.?

Of course we don't expect the company to make any money out of the service, at least not in UK, at least not so much that it needs to pay tax on it.

To see it for yourself, head over to Amazon's download store.


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