Ridge Racer - Free-to-Play Gets into Beta

The beloved drifty racer goes F2P soon...

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Ridge Racer - Free-to-Play Gets into Beta
Namco Bandai is being particularly savvy in the drift away from the console straitjacket into the wide blue openess of Steam, the PC and F2P as Ridge Racer: Driftopia goes into closed Beta.

Now, bear in mind that this is one of the betas, closed as it is, that requires you to head over to a website, enter your details, wait for an email, follow the link in that email and then wait...

The website in question is right here. And yes, the game is also being developed for PS3. In fact, it's being developed for both platforms by Bugbear Entertainment, which also developed Ridge Racer Unbounded, so you will see some similarities.


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