PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Drama

Sony and Microsoft forced into denying a major retailer's published dates

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PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Drama
Here's a dramatic turn of events in the lead-up to the releases later this year of the Sony PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox One, and it comes from a major retailer.

Toys'R Us has stated and restated that The Xbox One will release on November 29th; the PS4 will release afterwards, on the frankly utterly unlikely December 13th. Microsoft has denied it. Sony has denied it. originally spotted some listings on Toys'R Us and extracted a confirmation from the retailer which, "confirmed the dates were accurate and direct from suppliers."

Sony however, has responded to the dates, stating: "We haven't made any announcements other than coming this holiday season."

Not to be left behind, Microsoft has also responded, stating, "We have announced that Xbox One will launch this November, but have not shared any further details. Itís common practice for retailers to use placeholder dates for pre-order items without an official launch date. Please stay tuned to, where we share the latest official details about all things Xbox One."

Looking at those dates, well, they're both far too close to Xmas. People will have planned and spent their Holiday spends by then. We're not convinced by Toys R Us.


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