Official: No Online Pass for F1 2013

At last some bureaucracy dies and the games go on

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Official: No Online Pass for F1 2013
Codemasters have taken the longview on not losing online gamers at least for its racing titles, and specifically for this year's F1 tie-in title.

In a statement to the press it's stated that, "we have taken the decision not to include a VIP Pass activation system in either F1 2013 and F1 2013: Classic Edition", the statement continues:

"Players will not be required to activate multiplayer functionality via a VIP Pass code and we have no plans to replace the pass with an alternative paid-for activation system in the game when it launches this October.

The game is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC on October 4th, just as the marketing for the New Gen consoles really starts to kick in.


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