What is Star Wars Attack Squadron?

Disney has been grabbing domains

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What is Star Wars Attack Squadron?
Disney has scooped up a raft of new Star Wars-related domains based around the name 'Attack Squadron'.

The domains in question include StarWarsAttackSquadrons.com, SWAttackSquadrons.com and AttackSquadrons.com. (You can see a longer list at Fusible).

The domains alone don't tell us what sort of project Attack Squadron might be (although it sounds a bit game-y, doesn't it?). Taken in conjunction with domain registrations of AttackSquadron.com and AttackSquadron.net by Electronic Arts, however, the move does seem to point towards a game.

EA has the exclusive rights to the Star Wars license when it comes to games, so the similarity of the domains is unlikely to be a coincidence...

Source: Fusible


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