Codemasters Launches GRID 2 Drift DLC Pack

Four cars worthy of the powerslide.

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Codemasters Launches GRID 2 Drift DLC Pack
How about some lovely new cars for your GRID 2 experience? Codemasters is providing the goods this week, with the release of its new Drift DLC Pack. It contains four cars, all fine-tuned to be more than a little bit good at sliding around corners.

It's available for 480 Microsoft Points, and £3.99 on PC and PS3. See a list of the cars on offer below.

Daijiro Yoshihara Nissan 240sx (s13): This 650bhp Nissan was raced to victory in the 2011 Formula Drift Championship by Daijiro ‘Dai’ Yoshihara.

Team Orange Mitsubishi Evo x: Converted from 4WD to FWD and weighing just 1290kg, its 2.3 litre engine with JUN AUTO custom kits pumps out 570 bhp and has been driven by Nobushige Kumakubo, General Manager of Ebisu Circuit.

Chevrolet “Tyler McQuarrie” Camaro: Powered by a COPO LS-7 V8 which produces 750bhp, this was raced in Formula D by American Tyler McQuarrie.

NOS Energy Nissan 370Z (Z34): This drift machine weighs just 1297kg and is powered by a Nissan V8 VK56 Titan engine as driven by Chris Forsberg, one of the most successful drivers in Formula Drift history.



lifewithouttoast 10 Jul 2013 20:53
I played the s**t out of Grid 1 and loved the drifting, I got 1,000,000+ scores all the time. I'm playing the s**t out of Grid 2 but I can't get my head around the drifting at all, I struggle to get a 200,000+ score. Not sure if I'll be buying this pack if I can't get it together.
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