XBLAs Summer Of Arcade Dates and Games Incoming!

Also available for PS3 & PC

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XBLAs Summer Of Arcade Dates and Games Incoming!
We've reached that time of year again when all developers and publishers seem to have hung up their equipment and disappeared from the face of the games industry. Lucky for us, though, Microsoft has us covered with some new arcade games coming to XBLA. For the sixth year in a row, Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade will start up on August 7th with Brothers - A Tale Of Two Sons

Joining Brothers on the SoA lineup, we have three other titles;

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
- Flashback
- Charlie Murder

Check out the official Summer of Arcade trailer below

Oh, and for any more info you might require, have a scoot over to Major Nelson's website


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