Nintendo Gets Sonic Confirmed Again

Nintendo Direct announces games galore

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Nintendo Gets Sonic Confirmed Again
Nintendo really needs some help with Wii U if it's not going to be seen as the failed console of this generation. Today's pre-E3 and pre-Microsoft Next-Xbox announcement is a big and important event for the company.

While you can watch the stream of the official, Iwata-speaks-to-the-public Nintendo Direct video below (with no room for difficult questions such as "Why do we need more Resident Evil Revelations on May 24th via the Wii U eShop? How about something a bit innovative instead?") The again, Sonic: Lost World has been confirmed for Wii U and 3DS, making another healthy use of Sonic and a decent SEGA partnership on a Nintendo platform.

Talking of Sonic, also confirmed is a new Mario & Sonic game in time for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. We also have more Pikmin information and Wario gets a look in too.

Finally, Pikmin 3 is hitting Europe on June 27th and Yakuza 1 & 2 HD are going to be released on Wii U in Japan.

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ergo 17 May 2013 18:40
"innovative"? You guys heap praise on every HD retread as it comes out, and now you're banging Nintendo for giving its partners FREE ADVERTISING* via a huge ND?

Good God...seriously..try harder.

*Have I answered your clueless question as to why it was featured? Does your hamster brain understand now? That it's painfully obvious *why* it was showcased here?
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