SPOnG Targetted by Spam Prankster

Lowly scumbag messes with SPOnG's name and reputation

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SPOnG Targetted by Spam Prankster
On Friday 1st March, members of the computer games industry and press were subjected to an avalanche of unwarranted email bearing SPOnG's name.

The mail, designed to bring SPOnG into disrepute, was sent to recipients of a genuine SPOnG email sent some two weeks ago. However, the recipient list of this new mail was altered to include members of the press who did not receive the original message.

Marcus Dyson, CEO of SPOnG said, "We sent a mail out a few weeks ago, and to our eternal shame, and embarrasment, the names of some recipients went into the 'cc' field, where they could be seen by other recipients. For this we are genuinely apologetic.
"At the time, the industry responded maturely, and either read our mail or binned it. We received one complaint, and we apologised.
"However, on March 1st, an individual using the email address ash@breathe.com re-sent the mail to all the original recipients, in an effort to discredit SPOnG.
"Understandably upset, people began to respond to the mail, including all recipients, and things quickly got out of hand. However, it soon became apparent that the distribution list of the new mail was designed to embarrass SPOnG, since it included members of the mainstream media who had not been on the original list. We are truly sorry for our original mistake, but until this mischief-maker brought it up again, that incident had passed with relatively little upset."

"SPOnG is opposed to spam mail, we receive enough of it ourselves and we have no wish to add to others' burden. In these circumstances, while we are by no means blameless, we are being tarnished by the actions of this ash@breathe.com character, who wasn't on the original recipient list, and clearly bears a grudge against SPOnG."


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