Just Cause Developer: We 'Almost' Made an Open World Star Wars Game

Dreams shattered.

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Just Cause Developer: We 'Almost' Made an Open World Star Wars Game
Just Cause developers Avalanche Studios has claimed that it once came close to signing a deal with LucasArts that would have seen it develop a "massive", "open world" Star Wars game.

The revelation follows news that EA had signed an exclusivity deal with Disney to make Star Wars games for the foreseeable future. Former Avalanche Studios Manager Oskar Burman spoke of the potential open world project with with current Chief Creative Officer Christofer Sundberg on Twitter.

Chatting about the Star Wars franchise in general, Burman wrote, "Actually, wanting to work with SW goes deep in Swe [Sweden]. Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we almost got that deal when I was at Avalanche."

Sundberg replied, "If they had given us the deal back then Lucas Arts would be alive today. A massive [Star Wars] open world game! We would have rocked it."

"Very much agree," Burman said. "You'd done wonders with the [Star Wars] license. Single player, open world, travel in galaxy, do missions. Yummy!"

Yummy, indeed. Excuse us, we're just going to sit in the corner over here and cry a little bit.

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