Codemasters on GRID 2: It's Next-Gen, Now

Next-gen mobile initiatives already being explored.

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Pre-order content
Next-generation consoles might sound fancy with their sharing, beefier graphics and the embracing of mobile devices. But Codemasters reckons it has the PS4 and next Xbox beat with current-gen racer GRID 2.

The game's senior designer, Ross Gowing, told SPOnG that the studio has done its best to pre-empt next-generation consoles, introducing social platforms and achieving a graphical fidelity that wouldn't look out of place on a PS4.

When asked about the deeper relationship between mobile devices and next-generation consoles, Gowing said, "If you look at the kind of murmurs that are coming out for next-generation... you know, were already bringing a lot of that to the table with GRID 2. You look at the visual quality that were hitting, along with the extended experience with Racenet and the companion app... its next-gen now, to some extent."

Imagine what Codemasters would be able to do with next-generation hardware, eh? Gowing also gave his opinion on the shape of consoles to come. "I think the connectivity stuff is really exciting. And obviously the convenience [console manufacturers are] bringing to games - that you can leave the console on sleep and when you come back your game is fully downloaded and ready to go - that stuff is really great. Im a player as well as a developer, so anything that benefits me on a personal level is all good."

As for Codemaster's work ethic going forward? "Were looking at what were doing in the future that is going to take other people time to catch up with, and then by the time theyre catching up were looking to be one step ahead again."

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