Farewell Then SEGA's Australian The Creative Assembly

SEGA closes Medieval II: Total War studio in Aus

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Farewell Then SEGA's Australian The Creative Assembly
Although times are tough all over and in every industry and workplace (and outside) it's always an especially sad duty to report that more creative gaming folks have to seek new work... this time it's The Creative Assembly in Australia.

SEGA, which runs the studio has confirmed that it will cease to operate later in 2013. This is Creative Assembly in Aus mind. This news does come, however, only a couple of months after SEGA acquired Relic Studios in THQ's firesale.

As we noted back then, "It is understood, but not confirmed, that SEGA was particularly attracted to Relic Entertainment for its work on the Warhammer 40K franchise. Creative Assembly, a SEGA-owned studio, already has a partnership in place to work on the Warhammer Fantasy series, but it's unclear if an acquisition of Relic would mean a transferral of the studio's license agreement to the publisher."

And that came a year after the UK's branch of Creative Assembly told SPOnG that a SEGA internal restrucuturing, " hasn’t affected us in any way, in terms of our aims. "We have a fantastic relationship with SEGA, and they trust us to make great games, which we’ve been doing for 25 years now. They see us as one of the jewels in their crown. Total War consistently scores around the 90 mark on Metacritic, every iteration has done well, and we have a really strong philosophy of support in terms of new content after launch.

"So yeah, we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. And with Rome II, that’s a big job. we’ve got a lot to do still, but we’re in a really good place, and we’ve opened the doors on what we think is going to be the most spectacular, epic-in-scope but focused in details version of Total War."

Kotaku states that, "Sega's Australian development studio, once known as Creative Assembly Australia and responsible for games like Medieval II: Total War, is to be closed down. Sega confirmed the move... saying the developer will be shut down "later this year".

Source: Kotaku


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