2013 Video Game BAFTAs Won by Good Games

Hurrah for good taste, large gins and congratulations all round

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2013 Video Game BAFTAs Won by Good Games
Last night in London, England, Europe, we saw some very sensible giving of important awards to videogame makers. Frankly we are disgusted that we find ourselves agreeing with nearly all of the BAFTAs handed out. You will be too... if you have any taste.

You will already have seen - and agreed with - who we voted for by reading this. All modesty aside we were pretty well bang on. So, just what did win all the coveted honors? (sic)

Here are the winners!

Best Game: Dishonored
Online Multiplayer: Journey
Game Design: Journey
Artistic Achievement: Journey
Original Music: Journey
Audio Achievement: Journey
Mobile & Handheld: The Walking Dead
Story: The Walking Dead
Game Innovation: The Unfinished Swan
Debut Game: The Unfinished Swan
Action: Far Cry 3
British Game: The Room
Performer: Danny Wallace - Thomas Was Alone
Family: Lego Batman 2
Strategy: Xcom - Enemy Unknown
Ones to Watch: Kind of a Big Deal - Starcrossed
Online Browser: SongPop
Sports/Fitness: New Star Soccer
Fellowship: Gabe Newell

To be honest, CONGRATULBLEEDINGLATIONS to every last one.


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