Kingdom Hearts: "Next Chapter" Currently Being Localised

Could it be Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix?

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Kingdom Hearts: "Next Chapter" Currently Being Localised
We've been itching for more Kingdom Hearts for absolutely ages. Now it finally sounds like we'll be getting it - with Roxas voice actor Jesse McCartney teasing the world that he's back in the recording studio for Square Enix.

McCartney tweeted a picture of him in the studio, with an image of Roxas and what appears to be Axel in the background. He's not messing about, clearly. He added a message which read, "For all you ?Kingdom Hearts? Fans. Recording the next chapter! #KingdomHearts #Roxas #Gamers," which has since been deleted.

Speculation on what McCartney could be working on has spread, with the most popular assumption being that Square Enix is about to announce a localised version of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, a game that combines the Final Mix editions of both Kingdom Hearts titles and spinoff Chain of Memories.

Other possibilities include a segment for Disney Infinity, and a brand new Kingdom Hearts game - which has been anticipated for quite some time now.



Ilfana 25 Jan 2013 12:28
I'm 99% positive that's a screen from KH: 358/2 days so yeah, it'll be the HD 1.5 Remix. Can't wait! :D
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