Great Moments In Gaming

Nuking a Lemming is gamers’ favourite moment of all time.

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Die, Lemming infidel!
Die, Lemming infidel!
In a recent survey, gamers were asked to choose which moment in gaming is their all-time favourite. They were given a list of classic moments from some of the best known games of all time, from which a particular favourite had to be identified.

Somewhat surprisingly, the classic puzzle/strategy game Lemmings came out on top, as those surveyed stated that the best moment in gaming was annihilating one of the cute baggy-trousered rodents from Psygnosis’ classic.

“There is nobody who doesn't feel pure pleasure from watching a small squeaky creature with green hair, flying across the landscape and screaming 'oh no!' as they plummet to almost certain death,” was one gamer’s account.

The full list of top-ten moments were:

1: Nuking a lemming
2: Sound of the motion scanner in Aliens vs Predator
3: Completing Tetris Game B on level 9, height 5, getting the dancing Cossacks and the Space Shuttle
4: Getting chased by the T Rex in Tomb Raider
5: Completing a double perfect over M.Bison to complete Street Fighter
6: Fighting Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid using a rumble pad
7: Leading your team to glory in Championship Manager
8: Clipping an enemy in the head from 500 metres through a sniper rifle on Goldeneye
9: The dogs leaping through the window in Resident Evil
10: The final defeat of Doctor Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog


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