Funcom Drops Subscriptions from The Secret World

Listening to the spin could upset your head

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Funcom Drops  Subscriptions from The Secret World
Remember when every journalist and their significant other were raving about Funcom's The Secret World MMO? Well, even with that amount of hype, the company has removed the need to subscribe - and therefore the need to report active subscriptions from it today.

The headline spin says, "No Complicated Rules or Restrictions, Simply Enjoy All the Content and Features of ?The Secret World? Without Ever Having to Commit to a Subscription," it then goes on to spin harder...

"Funcom is excited to announce that subscription is no longer required to play the company?s modern-day massively multiplayer online game ?The Secret World?. The game is now available online and in retail and starting today no subscription fee is required to enjoy any of the game?s content, features or storylines. There are no complicated rules or restrictions, no complex matrixes telling you what you can and cannot access. Pay Once, Play Forever ? it?s that simple."

Game Director Joel Bylos picks up the rather text-book tone, ?With this recent change there is no reason not to join and take part in ?The Secret World?. ?Most players end up having a ton of fun once they delve into the myths and legends of ?The Secret World?, and we believe the game has the potential to be even more successful without the subscription entry barrier. It is an ambitious and very exciting move for us!?

Bear in mind that The Secret World is developed by Funcom and co-published by EA Partners, a division of Electronic Arts Inc and that company does not mess around when it comes to IPs that don't make cash.

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