SEGA Planning 3D Space Harrier Re-Release on Nintendo 3DS

Could be the first of many SEGA 3D Classics.

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SEGA Planning 3D Space Harrier Re-Release on Nintendo 3DS
SEGA wants to welcome you to the fantasy zone on 3DS - are you ready? Because if reports are to be believed, owners of Nintendo's latest handheld will be getting a stereoscopic remake of arcade classic Space Harrier - and it could lead to a full-blown series of SEGA 3D Classics too.

Japanese website Gamer (via NeoGAF) reported on the imminent release of the game on Nintendo's domestic eShop. Images seem to suggest that it will be a re-release of the original arcade version, and not a remastering of the 3D Space Harrier game that was once released on the Master System.

Nothing has been said of a Western release date, although should this be a reality, there will no doubt be a European release somewhere down the line.

Nintendo has re-released a number of classic games on 3DS with 3D support, including NES titles Excitebike and Kirby's Adventure. Space Harrier will be the first SEGA title to see such an update - and a most welcome one it will be too.


TheSonicRetard 21 Nov 2012 21:52
this isn't Sega's first 3D update. Super Hang-On 3D is on PSN.
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