THQ Delays Company of Heroes 2, Metro Last Light, South Park

Jason Rubin does not want to release sub-par titles.

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THQ Delays Company of Heroes 2, Metro Last Light, South Park
THQ has delayed Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth in a bid to stabilise the company's current financial situation.

Company of Heroes 2 and Metro: Last Light will now be looking at a March 2013 release date, instead of January. South Park: The Stick of Truth was due for release on March 5, 2013 - but will now release at some point after April 1, when THQ's 2014 fiscal year begins.

The publisher beat its quarterly expectations for the period ending September 30, with sales reaching $91.8m. But Darksiders II sold 1.4 million copies - a far cry from the reported 2 million units required to break even. The number certainly falls well under THQ's own expectations.

Adding to investor concern, the company is refusing to provide financial guidance for future quarters, and will not be answering questions following its investor call. President Jason Rubin stated that the delay of the three games - which just about forms the entirety of its upcoming AAA lineup - is a move to prevent sub-standard products from being released.

"I firmly believe releasing our fourth quarter titles without extra time for polish in the current environment would lead to underperformance that could in turn lead to future additional capital shortfalls," Rubin said.

"But extending development schedules in order to make the best possible titles also has financial implications. Yet there can be no doubt which path has the greatest chance of leading to the long-term success of the company."

Rubin assured investors that THQ is continuing to develop sequels to Homefront and Saints Row as part of its ten-game lineup for fiscal 2014. Announcements on those will be made in the "coming months."


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