Dark Souls: The Pendant's True Purpose

Game's director reveals all!

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Dark Souls: The Pendant's True Purpose
You probably spent ages trying to figure out what the mysterious 'pendant' does on your Dark Souls travels. I know I did. We all did. But game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has finally revealed its true purpose: nothing.

When starting a new game in Dark Souls, the pendant was one of the many items that adventurers could take with them. Among these were master keys, fire bombs and other consumables. The description of the pendant, however, confused many, simply reading, "Trinket. No effect, but fond memories comfort travelers."

Naturally - thanks to the obscurity of the systems within Dark Souls - fans got their thinking caps on and tried to investigate the item's effect. Even Miyazaki at one point said in an interview that he'd pick the pendant, or nothing.

Today, in a fresh interview with IGN, he comes clean. "When it comes to the pendant, I actually had a little bit of an intention to play a prank." Yep. The pendant really does have no effect in the game.

So evil, yet so genius. A bit like Dark Souls in itself, really.


Daz 6 Nov 2012 17:56
what was there to think about? it said "No effect" it's pretty self explanatory if it had said "No immediate/apparent effect" then yeah fair enough
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