Video Games Legend Mike Singleton Dies

Lords of Midnight man changes energy profile

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Video Games Legend Mike Singleton Dies
Video games industry legend Mike Singleton is dead aged 61.

The man who brought us the classic Lords of Midnight died of cancer in his Swiss home.

The game, was, as we point out in our overview, a great deal of fun:

"Half of the fun of LoM was drawing your own map, the other half was a game that could last days. Although at the time thought of as excellent use of AI, later analysis showed that Mike had actually set the initial odds at 10:1, a massive advantage to the computer player. It also had absolutely no moving graphics whatsoever - each and every screen was absolutely still. This enabled a fairly impressive range of graphic variance, meaning that each map position had an almost unique perspective. LoM certainly crammed a lot of strategy into a 48K Spectrum."

As well as LOM Singleton brought his brand of genius to bear on Midwinter, Throne of Fire, Doomdark's Revenge, Dark Sceptre and, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle Earth

We've got much to be thankful for with video games and gaming, and Mike Singleton is a huge part of that. Mawkishness is not something he would have appreciated, so tell us about your positive memories and experiences with his work, and tell us about them over on the Forum.


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