Stuart Black Drops Enemy Front, Leaves City Interactive

Creative's rocky career continues.

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Stuart Black Drops Enemy Front, Leaves City Interactive
Stuart Black is certainly a very active chap. After bouncing from Codemasters before work on the critically panned Bodycount was completed, it's now appears he's done the same thing with City Interactive and upcoming shooter Enemy Front.

"We can confirm that Stuart Black is no longer working with City Interactive on the Enemy Front project," said City?s North American VP of sales and marketing, Marshall Zwicker. It seems that Black and City has different ideas as to the direction of the game.

"Based on early builds of the game and various internal and external feedback that we received, we decided to take a different approach to the, gameplay, and the story and characters in the game than originally envisioned," Zwicker continues.

"We are now working with Mark Bristol, a very experienced cinematic director from the US and together with him we have been implementing what we feel are some really compelling changes. We are very happy with the progress of the game and look forward to showing it off in the months to come."

Black made a name for himself following his work with Criterion on EA first-person shooter, Black. A sequel was planned, but was ultimately scrapped due to differences between the creative designer and the publisher. He left to work with Codemasters, before heading to City Interactive in late 2010.

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Pete Poter 12 Oct 2012 12:44
Funny how this guy is news, his claim to fame seems to comes from the myth that he is the man behind / creator of ?Black? when he was only one of the designers on the game

Suck for the actual ?Black? creator.

It also seems like Stuart has never worked on a published title in any lead capacity, with the acceptation of the last 2 companies her worked for. But then again both companies let him go before the project finished?

Cliff Bleszinski leaving Epic, that?s news. Stuart Black getting sacked again? not so much
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