First PES 2013 DLC Detailed

Konami kicks off new footy campaign

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First PES 2013 DLC Detailed
PES 2013 - Konami's challenger to the FIFA title (and from what we've played so far, a much improved PES) has DLC, of course it does. Yes, it's out on the 21st this month, and we have news of DLC.

This will lead to many people asking in loud voices, "Why the hell wasn't this DLC already available on disc!!?" but that would have lead other people to moan about On-Disc DLC. Whatever. Here are the details:

The DLC pack will indeed "coincide with the game?s release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC" and it includes:

- Three licensed stadia of the newly-promoted Spanish clubs: Real Betis, Rayo Vallecano, Granada CF.

- Updates to the latest kits for 37 licensed clubs, including Marseille, AJAX, FC Porto, Besiktas, and Corinthians.

That's it. However, more DLC is due mid-October, "reflecting all summer moves and adding further stadia, UEFA elements, team updates, and online element updates." These will include, "a Widget system that acts as a shortcut to gathering friends together for online matches and introduces a Ranking system."


DrkStr 18 Sep 2012 21:16
And someone like SPOnG should be pointing out that approval time for games is lengthy and that for DLC is much less, so while waiting for a game to pass, DLC can be developed and then approved while game disc mastering and duplication are performed.

This is why you can have "day zero" DLC, not some huge conspiracy.
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