Medal of Honor: Warfighter DLC Focuses on Hunt for Osama Bin Laden

Coincides with Bin Laden movie.

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter DLC Focuses on Hunt for Osama Bin Laden
When it comes to the latest Medal of Honor, EA and Danger Close are all about authenticity. So is it a surprise that the first DLC map pack for Warfighter, titled The Hunt, will focus on the real-life chase for Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden? Probably.

Players will be able to take part in skirmishes with their online friends, in locations that symbolised the decade-long (and, for the soldiers involved, no doubt exhausting and harrowing) search for the elusive leader of a terrorist organisation.

Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by American special forces in May 2011. The two maps featured in The Hunt DLC will be set in this country.

One of the maps is the region of Chitral, which was thought to have been one of Bin Laden's hideouts. The other is the Darra Gun Market, which as the name suggests is notorious for its ordnance-focused factories. EA states that the only two principles that are prominent in this area are "hospitality and revenge." Quite.

The add-on pack is planned for December 17, coinciding with the theatrical release of the film Dark Zero Thirty. It'll be 7.99 to those who did not buy the Limited Edition of Warfighter, and EA aims to donate at least $1 million of the proceeds to American veterans charity.


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