I Am Alive Heading to Windows PC in September

Comes with graphical enhancements and a Replay mode.

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I Am Alive Heading to Windows PC in September
Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic adventure game, I Am Alive, has been given a release date for Windows PC. You'll be able to buy the digitally-distributed title from Ubishop, Steam and other e-tailers from September 13, at a price of 11.99.

The PC version will come with a couple of enhancements and new features. On top of a higher resolution and sharper graphics, Ubisoft has added an 'Easy' mode which includes infinite retries for novice players, along with a 'Replay' function to allow you to go back to completed levels for 100% completion.

I Am Alive was released on Xbox Live Arcade on March 7, and on PlayStation Network on April 4. Check out our review of it here - it earned a respectable 7/10.


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