Team Ninja: We Won't Change Dead or Alive Female Design

Female representation in the fighting game is 'misunderstood' internationally.

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Swimsuit shots from the Collector's Edition
Swimsuit shots from the Collector's Edition
Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi has said that the recent furore surrounding female representation in video games has not affected development of Dead or Alive 5. Rather, the bikini-clad femme fatales have been "misinterpreted" as sexist in countries outside of Japan.

"With the representation of female characters in the Dead or Alive franchise, we’ve always wanted to make the girls look as attractive as possible, and that’s something that’s not going to change for us at all," Hayashi told MCV.

"We are a Japanese developer, and we’re making the female characters with our common sense and our creative sense. When you take that to countries outside of Japan, it tends to be very misinterpreted in some cases, people considering it sexist or derogatory etc.

Although there are morals and guidelines that the Japanese studio abides by, Hayashi puts the perception of sexism in Dead or Alive as a simple culture difference. "We can’t help if other cultures in other countries around the globe think that it’s a bad representation... we’ve made those characters the way they are and we’re not going to stop doing that."

More in the full interview on MCV.


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