Arkane: Dishonored "Very Different" to Assassin's Creed

Arkane's game "more systemic".

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Arkane: Dishonored "Very Different" to Assassin's Creed
You play as an assassin in Dishonored. You play as an assassin in Assassin's Creed. That single fact has led to comparisons between the two, according to Arkane Studios' co-creative director, RaphaŽl Colantonio. But, he's not bothered - it's just human nature, he told SPOnG at Gamescom.

"Weíve been compared to Assassinís Creed a lot - mostly when the trailer came out. Like, [people were saying] Dishonored looked like a dark version of Assassin's Creed or something," Colantonio explains. "On the one hand I understand it, because I think people need references. Whenever something new comes up, people have to label it and say, Ďoh, itís just like thatí because itís comfortable.

"However, when you get to play it, you'll know that itís very different from Assassin's Creed. Our game is all about simulation - itís more systemic, thereís very little [that's] scripted... And there are other differences too. Oneís first person, the other isn't... so it doesnít bother me. I understand it, the fantasy element is very similar because you are an assassin in both games, but thatís about the extent of it."

More to come in SPOnG's full interview, soon.


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