id: Doom 3 BFG Edition "More Responsive" than RAGE

Studio's top talent working on making everything better.

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id: Doom 3 BFG Edition "More Responsive" than RAGE
Fan feedback has been crucial to the development of Doom 3: BFG Edition, said id Software's creative director Tim Willits to SPOnG at Gamescom. The studio has taken the input control scheme from RAGE and packed it into the upcoming Doom 3 remake - but thanks to a bit of extra tinkering, Willits added that John Carmack has managed to make it even more responsive.

"The input control in RAGE was really well received," Willits said. "People said it felt responsive and fast. So John [Carmack] looked at that code and was really excited to be able to shave 16 more milliseconds on the input response from when you push a button on the controller in Doom 3.

Doom 3: BFG Edition has the attention of the top talent at id, Willits added - quelling fears that the revamped title hasn't had as much love as, say, Doom 4. "You know itís an important project when John Carmack has shaved 16ms off of a single button press. The input control system in Doom 3 BFG is more responsive than it was in RAGE.

"We could have easily just put all the games on XBLA and be done with it," he concluded, "but we actually tried to make the experience better. So we went through every single level of Doom 3 - and Resurrection of Evil - and fixed any instances where the combat had been frustrating. we adjusted player speed, how the flashlight works, ammo, lighting, control scheme, autosave. We really tried to make a much better product than a simple re-release."


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