Tekken World Federation Premium Service 'Helps Fighting Newbies'

But, the difficulty barrier could be lowered further.

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Tekken World Federation Premium Service 'Helps Fighting Newbies'
Despite the bold new features in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the introduction of the Tekken World Federation premium service, producer Katsuhiro Harada has said that the difficulty barrier for fighting games could be lowered even further to accommodate newcomers to the genre.

“There are some more things we can do there,” he told SPOnG at Gamescom. The Tekken World Federation website, as well as features like Fight Lab in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, “goes some way to lower the barrier to our fighting games.

“There’s some things the community is doing as well, for example some fans have created a video series that teaches you how to play the game. So to implement something similar into the game itself, rather than have people go through the internet, is something that we could do to lower the barrier [further].”

The Tekken World Federation is a premium service, similar to that of Activision’s Call of Duty Elite. Users pay a fee - which is as-yet undetermined - to sync their fighting data to an online account which can then help detail battle history, a breakdown of moves used in multiplayer matches and the means for groups of players to improve their skills.

Namco Bandai brand manager Brian Hong, a key person behind the development of the Tekken World Federation website, agreed. “There’s the intimidation factor, sure, especially if you end up fighting against someone who’s more of a hardcore player. I’m of the opinion that if you have this service available, it actually opens the door and makes a game like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 more accessible.

“There are people online who just want newcomers to enjoy the game with them, rather than humiliate them. Newcomers can use the premium website service to get coached, can learn from their experiences, and ask team mates to help them. And it behooves the experienced guys to help the newbie, because they’re all on the same team.

“But, the game is still very accessible for people who just want to pick up a controller and play. The Tekken series has sold over 40 million units, and it’s the best-selling fighting game of all time. It’s like that for a reason.”

Tekken World Federation will launch on September 10, and Hong noted that it’s set to go live at the same time Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits the shelves.


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