Top BioShock Infinite Developers Leave Irrational

Six months away from the game's completion.

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Top BioShock Infinite Developers Leave Irrational
Irrational Games has suffered a bit of a blow over the last couple of days, as a couple of key members working on BioShock Infinite have suddenly left the company.

Director of product development, Tim Gerritsen, and art director Nate Wells have announced their departure. Wells, in particular, was responsible for the art style of the original BioShock and has been with the studio for 13 years - and made public his leave on Twitter (an announcement which Gamasutra reports has been altered since).

Gerritsen was previously chairman at Human Head Studios and was responsible for content creation management for BioShock Infinite. His LinkedIn page, like Wells', notes his departure from Irrational from this month.

Studio president Ken Levine has responded on Twitter, stating that "Scott Sinclair, art director of Bio1, back in the art director's chair for Infinite to bring it home. Can't wait to show you what's cooking."

BioShock Infinite is six months away from completion.

Source: Gamasutra


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